Build stronger children and Inspire change through advocacy, education, and teacher & student travel programs.


All proceeds go toward our initiative to provide every child with a quality education and a chance at the good life.




Scholar Dollars

Your gift of $30 takes the first step in changing the life of a student.  $30 supports at least 3 weeks of Scholar Dollars for an elementary student (PK-5th).  Scholar Dollars are matched by organizations and scholarship grantors for each week the scholar meets the benchmark set for Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Students receive a gift card for the amount earned that week and a match is set aside in their College Fund.

Support education throughout the country by providing the additional resources needed to help young scholars get out of the trenches and into the game.


After School Sports and Activities

Your gift of $60 shows your commitment to the growth and development of a young scholar in need. Many of our scholars cannot afford the additional monies for extra curricular activities, so your $60 would provide for 4 trips over the course of the school year or 4 weeks of extra curricular sports (flag football, soccer, golf, archery, track or basketball).


Travel 777

Your gift of $360 makes you a member of our Sevens Troop!  Champions for true change, you’re showing your support for education, focus, and and the power of opportunity.  Our scholars travel domestically and internationally every year to a country they've been learning about.  Thus far, we've been to Paris and Ghana.  Planned trips include Venice, The Bahamas, South Korea and Mongolia.  We start with the Sevens Troop at age 7 (duh) and they annually visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World for the next 7 years.




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