The Purple Group provides scholarships for 2, 3, and 4 year olds to attend high quality pre-schools.  We will give the amount of your scholarship directly to the school of your choice and parents are responsible for the difference in tuition.  Parents must attend 4 workshops per year in order to maintain the scholarship.

If you are interested in these scholarships, please complete the attached application and send via post with your most current tax return.

There's a reason we do what we do at The Purple Group:  We want strong kids.  That's why we partner with local businesses and harness the resources for our schools and communities to thrive, for our school families to be healthy, and eventually leave the world better than we found it.  Because strong kids are what we should all want.



Parents should consider the primary purpose of the school when selecting one for their child.  The first step for a parent is to reflect on the basic reasons for why he or she is looking for an early childhood education program.  Is it required by law? Could homeschooling or virtual school be an option? The second step is to look at a particular program and decide if it will meet those reasons. If the reason is custodial, for example, then hours of operation and location may be of major importance. If has been determined that a child needs some specialized intervention, then a parent should to be sure that the program has the resources and commitment to meet those needs.

To the greatest extent possible, there should be a match between the primary purpose of a program and the primary needs of the family.  At the very least, the school should have a website, on-line grading and weekly communication with parents.  Young children need to be given room to play and try out different toys and learning tools and will be more likely to develop the skills needed to learn to read, write, do math and try out different life-skills situations during this time period.  Make sure the elementary program you choose has a variety of activities and life-skills centers during core classes as well as extra curricular.  

Click here to apply for the McKay Scholarship - You will NEED an email address and BIRTHDATE of the child

Click here for a list of schools in Florida that accept the McKay and Florida Tax Credit Scholarships

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Middle Grades span from 4th grade to 8th grade.  At this time, students should be honing their craft and reading to learn, as opposed to learning to read.  Basically, they know what they like to do and they are getting better at it.  At this age, children learn to cooperate with other students and adults. Formal schooling and perhaps organised sports and hobbies introduces children to new roles in their 'society' in which they earn 'brownie points' in their groups by doing well and being competent at their chosen activity.  Children who do not master the skills required in these new settings are likely to feel as though they don't belong and that 'everyone is better than they are', which can lead to long-lasting negative emotional consequences. 

In September of your 7th grade year, identify a teacher or two that knows your work ethic. Make sure they are available to write a letter of recommendation for you when you need it.


Going into high school isn't the time for students to 'find themselves'.  At this age, since they have already identified their interests. Magnet schools or those with a focused curriculum programs are a good fit.  While they are in school these 4 years, they will figure out their role in society.  They may choose to identify more with a certain gender, ethnicity or career identity.

Remember that Magnet Applications are due in January and are available in October of the previous year.

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Although our focus is primarily K12 Scholarships, we do help the students in our organization apply to college and find their best fit.  We start the process in Grade 9, but if you have already started the process, contact us and we'll see how we can help you.

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A small portion of our program budget has been allocated to Adult Education and Career Placement.  Let's face it, how can parents help with homework if they are pre-occupied with bills and loss of employment?

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