A student space gets a new coat of paint


After a small fire in a Student Family household, it was dreary for the 4 kids to sleep and study...that's when we stepped in to spruce it up...


photo 3.JPG

We are looking forward to more student projects


It's pretty simple.  You can't perform if your study space isn't functionally fabulous, so we help make it happen.



Homework goes high-end


We envision a HW Lounge in every neighborhood where students from various schools can come and get help completing their homework, relax, participate in a hobby/sport, have dinner and go home.

Spending an hour or two a week playing video games with a mentor helps students get to college - believe it or not.

55% more likely to enroll in college

78%  more likely to volunteer in their community

81% more likely to participate formally in sports


Isn't that what we need?


Productive, engaged and educated youth!

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